"There is a point in each person's life when one must choose between repeating oneself and deciding to grow." 

                                                                                                                                       -Elie Wiesel



Why I Coach

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I believe that no matter the challenges, we can learn to live from our authentic core, lead our life as we are leading others, find joy, have a successful career, and build deep, intimate relationships that make life worth living.

We can transform conflict and misalignment into collaboration, appreciation, and progress. I believe this to be true for the individual as much as for any team, corporation, or organization. 

Results You Can Expect


Life is all about behavior and results. Is your behavior creating the results you are looking for, and if not, what can you change? Do you feel disempowered in certain work and life situations?

Are you living with some misalignment between your words and actions and your heart and mind?

Do you want to feel clarity, empowerment, and love, in all aspects of your life?

Format and Costs


I coach people in leadership positions, or people who desire to get there - women and men who realize their self-responsibility to create exactly the professional and personal fulfillment they want.

I work with clients anywhere in the world through video calls via Hangout, Skype, or Zoom.

Sessions are 60 minutes, with an initial Discovery session that takes 90 minutes.



"Helge is an amazing Executive Coach. I've had two prior coaches and I can say I have never grown as much with them as I have with Helge. By working with him, I am able to constantly improve as a leader and support my team in the best way possible so we are setup for success.”                                                                 

Caitlin MacGregor, CEO, Plum.io, ON, Canada