I am a blessed husband, international Executive Coach, initiated teacher of Buddhism, host of the radio program An Organic Conversation, and author.

As a coach, it is all about creating tangible results for my clients. To achieve that, I combine deep intuitive listening with a multitude of methodologies and research-based systems. I am well-versed in various psychological, spiritual, and physiological studies and concepts; from Buddhism to Jung, from Landmark to the Hoffman Process, from Native American Vision Quests to holistic nutrition. I am a Co-Active Coach, lay-ordained Buddhist teacher, and Certified Holistic Nutrition Counselor.

I coach in both English and German, and in addition to leadership development and personal growth through Executive Coaching, I help my clients with team building and conflict resolution, as well as strategic advice on marketing and communications, messaging, and project development to ensure alignment - the successful implementation of strategies and the economical, ecological, and cultural harmony of all projects.

My contributions and projects have been featured in articles and TV segments on CNN, ABC, and CBS, the Huffington Post, New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, and Mother Earth Magazine, as well as local SF Bay Area television stations, magazines, and newspapers.