“Like a chiropractor for the soul.”

“Helge has empowered me to be a leader in the life I choose. Since working with him, I’ve never felt so free, powerful, grounded in who I am, decisive, and loving.  Like a chiropractor for the soul, he’s guided me to identify areas of personal mis-alignment and helped me correct them. He’s showed me I can find all the love I need in myself and opened me up to recognize the sacred in others.”                                                       

Casey Conway, Inventor, Designer, Artist, CT, USA

“I recommend Helge wholeheartedly!”

"Helge is a transformative coach. His deep sense of care and his innate curiosity combine to help me dig through darkness and find light. He has helped me become a coach myself by being a stand for the very best in me. From the moment we began to work together over a year ago, he created a container of trust, which has allowed me to explore what I needed to explore. Like a good wilderness guide, he helped me feel safe as I explored while still going beyond my comfort zone. I recommend Helge wholeheartedly!"                                                                                           

Mark DiTargiani, Executive Sales Coach, CA, USA


“Working with Helge has been some of the most important work I've ever done, both in my personal and professional lives. And not just because of the completely transformative impact it's had on me, but on everyone I interact with -- from my most beloved family members to new business contacts. I consider myself one of the lucky ones to have Helge in my corner.” 

Jay Melone, CEO, New Haircut, NY, USA


“I’ve never grown as much before.”

"Helge is an amazing Executive Coach. I've had two prior coaches and I can say I have never grown as much with them as I have with Helge. By working with him, I am able to constantly improve as a leader and support my team in the best way possible so we are setup for success.”                                                                 

Caitlin MacGregor, CEO, Plum.io, ON, Canada

“Instantly helped me elevate my game.”

"Helge has instantly helped me elevate my game as a person, a CEO, a partner, and a father. He is carefully and intelligently assisting me to take important steps towards my full potential. He is someone I recommend highly as a coach."                                   

Louis Brouillet, CEO, LOKL, CA, USA

“Helge provides world-class coaching.”

Helge provides world class coaching -- each session is a gold mine of insight and progress. I could not ask for better guidance or an accountability partner as I build my businesses, grow as a man, and face life's challenges."                                                                   

Seavron Banus, Strategy & Operations Specialist, Slalom Consulting, CA, USA

“I've been provided with an invaluable “tool kit.”

“Helge is a true leader in all aspects of the word. Working with Helge is inspiring and motivating. He made me see myself and the people around me through a lens that brings clarity to my life and my life’s work. I've been provided with an invaluable “tool kit" - one that Helge brings to the table with expertise and love.”                                                                                                                       

Jason Hull, Executive Chef and Co Director of the Culinary Farm, Marin Country Day School, CA, USA

“I can honestly say that my life has been changed this year.”

"At a point when I thought my life was already on track, and I only needed to find a way to unlock career advancement, I learned that there were parts of my life that truly needed to be worked on in order for me to stop running into the same challenges over and over. I recommend anyone looking for personal development to work with Helge. I can honestly say that my life has been changed this year."

Matt Monday, Forbes Technology Council, CA, USA