These are some of the areas my clients are focusing on - healthy, successful people who want to improve their professional and/or personal lives and seek the support of an Executive Coach. When we care about who we are in the world and what we do in this lifetime, we invite possibility.

In that moment, we become the powerful leader of our own life.

In our coaching, I will work with you so that:

·  You become a leader in your professional and personal life

·  You have the tools to create of the life and relationships you actually and truly want

·  You become self-generating. Our coaching will leave you with a skill base that you can keep adding to

·  You become self-correcting. You will be able to catch missteps and misalignment and make adjustments to your behavior

·  Your new behaviors will become healthy habits and patterns of sustainable long-term change

·  You become the authority of your own life, your most powerful, authentic self, and the single true center of your own happiness 




“I’ve never felt so free, powerful, and grounded.”

“Helge has empowered me to be a leader in the life I choose. Since working with him, I’ve never felt so free, powerful, grounded in who I am, decisive, and loving.  Like a chiropractor for the soul, he’s guided me to identify areas of personal mis-alignment and helped me correct them. He’s showed me I can find all the love I need in myself and opened me up to recognize the sacred in others.”                                                       

Casey Conway, Inventor, Designer, Artist, CT, USA

“Some of the most important work I've ever done.”

“Working with Helge has been some of the most important work I've ever done, both in my personal and professional lives. And not just because of the completely transformative impact it's had on me, but on everyone I interact with -- from my most beloved family members to new business contacts. I consider myself one of the lucky ones to have Helge in my corner.” 

Jay Melone, CEO, New Haircut, NY, USA

“Instantly helped me as a person, a CEO, a partner, and a father.”

"Helge has instantly helped me elevate my game as a person, a CEO, a partner, and a father. He is carefully and intelligently assisting me to take important steps towards my full potential. He is someone I recommend highly as a coach."                                   

Louis Brouillet, CEO, LOKL, CA, USA



Become self-generating. Become self-correcting.

Become the powerful leader of your own life.